Monday, 30 January 2012

In the last week I made more progress on my Enchanting Pegasus than I expected. Ended up making a few mistakes and throwing a load of floss away. This is probably a very bad thing because lots of Dimensions Gold Kits seem to run out of one or several colours before completion  even if you don't mess things up. I wonder why that is? They charge enough for the kit you'd think they could at least ensure there is sufficient threads to finish the project.

In other news I went to see friends at the weekend the two hour delay meant that the trip up was not the best but worse travel chaos was to meet me on my return. Snow. Last night was too snowy for my mum to give me a lift back from the station, which came as something as a surprise considering in Carmarthen it was poring down with rain. Mum booked my into a hotel so at least I had somewhere to stay but not the best thing to arrive home to. The road to our house managed to clear by morning but it's trying hard to snow again now.
Snowy view from my bedroom window

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Looks like I forgot again!

So looks like I haven't published one of these in a while. During that time I managed to complete my Unicorn Valley QS and made some progress on the other HAEDs I was working on.

I'll post pictures of the other HAEDs as I work on them using my incredibly complicated rotation system I have in place. I have managed to start even more HAEDs as well as some non-HAED pieces. One of these new starts replaced Unicorn Valley and is my focus for the year. It's called Eternal Promise (a.k.a Arwen and Aragorn) by Matt Stewart and is now retired. 

Enchanting Pegasus 1 day in

Yesterday I started two new things. The first is a new Dimensions Gold Kit called Enchanting Pegasus. The other new thing is signing up to the Totally Useless Stitch A Long (TUSAL). It basically involves taking a picture of your ORT jar every month. An ORT jar is the jar you out cut off ends of threads and other stitching bits in. More info can be found here.   
TUSAL 23 Jan