Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Eternal Promise Oct

So only one update this week as I have done next to nothing on Blue Moon over the weekend. Did manage to put in  about 500 stitches on Eternal Promise. More done on the trees would like to be done with the trees now. Lots of colour changes, lots of greenish, brownish grays for this part.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Pegasus September Etc

Update of the day number two. I have been working on my Pegasus again last week. Nice chunk of background done, lots of pretty colours. Some time consuming blending of colours. While I have manage to get a nice chunk done it has impressed on me just how much more I need to do on the background before the piece is complete, even with it being half cross it seems like it will take months and months to get it done.

I also did some more work on my Little China. Didn't get much done this weekend as was playing with horses Saturday and playing with weapons on Sunday. Did manage to get the eyes finished so it looks a lot less creepy now, and they're a really pretty colour.  

New Start!

So as promised I'm finally updating with my new start. I was going to do this last week but spent so long re-enrolling for Uni on the Monday I never had time to do it. Will do a separate update for the stitching I did last week as well as this one (so much easier to add pictures into two posts and get them where I want them!). My new start is Little Partners Reunion based on the artwork of Chris Cummings by Needle Treasures. I have the partner design for it too but I only got this one a few weeks ago and it was easy to get to.