Monday, 26 March 2012

Sunlit Horses

Last week I was working on a small Dimensions kit called Sunlit Horses. Think I started this one about a year ago and have done about 7 weeks work on it now. I Didn't think I had done that long on it, must be a slower stitcher than I though.  Finally have all the full crosses done though so it's just the half crosses in the background to do now. Oh and all the dreaded backstitch, that always takes and age to get done.  Might even get it done by this time next year! This is quite nice and simple for a Dimensions kit - only one blended colour so far.

My other project for this week has been a Mystic Stitch Chart just called Cats. This one feels like it's been very slow going. Can't remember when I started it and have only been working on it at weekends so there is never much progress to see. Most of this so far has been DMC 939 and 823 with a few other colours thrown in here and there. This is my first Mystic Stitch chart and I don't enjoy it as much as my HAEDs not sure if it's the colours or the fabric on this one or just the way the charts only use letters rather than normal symbols. The letters just seem to make the chart harder to read for me - what's wrong with the normal symbols anyway?

 In other news actually had some nice weather in the last week. The last few days have been really nice. Wasn't as good at the start of the week but still managed to get out to a local zoo - Manor House Wildlife Park. They have a lemur walk-through with some very relaxed lemurs who were enjoying the nice weather. Our horses have also been enjoying the nicer weather.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Well I know I'm a day late with my TUSAL update but it's the same as it was last night - I swear! Have added a few new ends to my ORT jar, but it's still not impressively full yet. Still haven't done anything about not taking pictures in front of my DVDs though. Once again I forgot all about this until I saw other people updating theirs. I do have a excuse though, I did my first re-enactment display yesterday. We only did two short sessions which were a lot less intensive than our usual training but it was my first time in full kit. A wool tunic on a sunny day gets quite hot quite quickly!

Monday, 19 March 2012

SK Phuan

 Ok this is my second attempt at this today. Pictures went crazy in the first one. This week I have been working on last years HAED SAL piece SK Phuan. Quite confetti heavy in some places this one. Managed around 600 stitches this week did well the first few days but by Friday I only managed 50 all day. This one is quite hard going. As well as all the confetti I have the additional problem of stitching 2 over 1 full crosses on 28 count because when I started I was convinced the fabric count was 25. It's not too bad but getting the needle through for the last stitch in a very confetti area can be a nightmare. Think I could pull off 2 over 1 on 28 it it was a design with a few less colour changes.

Didn't get anything worth taking a picture of done over the weekend. Partly because my Daylight bulb gave up on me at the end of the week making my room a bit to dark for any decent stitching and partly because of my trip to TORM on Saturday. TORM is The Original Re-enactors Market. Bought myself a knife ready for show season and a tile with a happy looking squirrel on it just because I could! Didn't have much time for anything else after that though.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Eternal Promise Page Finish

As the title of this post suggests I have just finished my first page of my Eternal Promise. Only manage to get 450 stitches into it last week so I'm please that was enough to get the page done. I think I'm now at about 3% complete. This one feels like it's been very slow going the last few months. I'm hoping now that I've got less work to do and hopefully more stitching time I'll feel like I'm making better progress on this one. Also hopefully less confetti on the next page, the little patch below the middle flower at the bottom of this page seemed to take forever to get done! 

The weekend project I worked on was a Design Works kit called Southwest Cat. I've been working on this kit for a while now. This week I have mostly been working on the yellow and black decoration on the table and all of the green below that. Just have the other half of the table and the pots/plates etc in the background to do now. I'll try to remember to post a picture of what it should look like complete at some point.  

Monday, 5 March 2012

Pegasus Week 2

So I'm back to working on Enchanting Pegasus again. Been working on the wing/mane and don't think I've made as much progress as I could have. It's a Dimensions kit and uses a lot of blended colours which seem to take an age to sort out. Really liking the colours in this one, but I think I'll enjoy it more when I get onto the bigger blocks of colour in the body/background.

My other project has been the HAED BB SAL Blue Moon. Have put in about 150 stitches over the weekend which was very disappointing. On the plus side my uni assignment is due in in 10 days so once that is gone I hope to have a bit more time. Also this weekend I lost a big chunk of time having to take a cat to the vet. He had a big patch of flesh exposed on one back leg where all the skin had come off. Luckily the skin had just peeled back so the vet was able to stitch him back together so he's now shut in the utility room to recover. He's one of our barn cats so not impressed at being shut in.