Monday, 25 January 2010

Cat in Window 25th Jan

Well this is what I have managed to do in the past week. Nearly done with the bottom right corner now and will be really glad to see the back of that rug soon.
Just added a couple more Ivory Cats kits to my stash thanks to ebay - they look even more complicated than this one. Then there's Chesterton- the Ivory Cats chart form Heaven and Earth, that looks really complicated. I'm hoping to start that one once I'm done with this.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Cat in Window 18th Jan 2010

The latest update on this piece - I hope to upload a new photo about once a week to keep track of how much I'm stitching per a week.
This was taken this morning, it shows how much (or little, really) I've done in the 9 or so days since the last picture was taken.
The rug the cat is sitting on seems to be taking me a very long time, there are lots of colour changes and small areas of each colour to work. Hopefully once I have completed the rug I should be able to finish quite quickly. The rest of the back ground is worked in 1/2 cross so should be stitched much faster.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cat in Window and Cross Stitch Talk

This is my current cross stitch WIP - Cat in Window from the Dimensions Gold Collection.
He should look like this once completed.
The photo is from the 9th of Jan and I have done quite a bit more on him since then, I must try and take a more up to date picture soon.
I can't remember when I started work on him but it must be quite a while ago now. I know I was working on him before my Scandinavian trip in November and pretty sure I was working on him before my US trip at the end of Sept. I'm guessing I've put about 6 months into him.
This is the 1st cross stitch that I have not stopped working on to work on something new and I'm determined to get him done before I start on something else.
I've been cross stitching for about 10 years now and only have about 15 completed pieces to show for it. I really want to finish a couple more in the next year and I really need to stat work on some unfinished items.
I buy lots of cross stitch stuff off ebay, just bought 6 new kits today (although a couple of them are really small). I know I will never have the time to do them all but I just can't help myself.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

The very 1st

Mostly this blog will be used to keep track of my various Cross Stitch projects, and rant about Placebo - good things or bad things, I'm not quite sure which yet.

At the moment I'm not even sure I like Placebo anymore. I wasn't impressed by the last tour and I still hurt deep inside from all the money I lost with the cancellation of the US tour. Not that it's really the money I care about, more the lost oppertunity. An the fact that played a free show in Mexico, I mean that was a real kick in the teeth. I save for two years to go on my final dream Placebo trip and get nothing and then anyone who wants gets to see them for free. Bah. LAR are the way forward, long live Love Amongst Ruin.