Tuesday, 21 February 2012


So today is the 21st of Feb and the new moon which means I have 19 minutes at the time of writing to post my TUSAL February picture so here it is :
At some point I will need to attempt to take some much more stylish TUSAL pictures without my collection of Dr Who DVDs in the background. Not much in the jar for a month of stitching either.

In other news HAED have a 35% off sale so couldn't resist getting a few new charts. Came away with Some Enchanted Evening by Laura Prindle, Posky on Oriental Rug by Ivory Cats ans Computer Wizard by Spangler.  Had a bit of a panicky moment when my Computer Wizard chart wouldn't save after downloading it so I emailed Michele at HAED and had the chart in my in box incredibly quickly. Really can't fault them on their customer service ever! Now just to find the time to stitch all of these HAEDs - not sure why I have to go for all the massive/complicated designs.

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  1. Hey I don't care if you take the pics in front of your massive Dr. Who collection! I want to come over and have a marathon watch and stitch! I just put a bunch from Netflix in my instant queue and after one cd of going through the TUSAL blogs and one cd cleaning my room I'm going to start my marathon.