Monday, 15 April 2013

A Few Updates

I seem to have got a bit out of sync with my stitching updates over the past few weeks so here is everything that I have been working on in the last week and a bit. First up is Eternal Promise - managed just over 600 stitches on this in 5 days and now up to 6.5% complete.

Next up is Mystic Garden, my project from last weekend. not much to show on this one really, only 198 stitches in 2 days a bit disappointing. Brings me up to a total of 3.6% complete for this one.

Finally my project from last week and one I don't appear to have shared before - Rendezvous by Selina Fenech. The top of the first page was quite slow going on this one but it has sped up now that most of the tree has been done. Have just over half of the 1st page done now with over 900 stitches put in last week.

1 comment:

  1. I love all three projects and I think the amount of stitches you put in during the last week is quite much =) Great work =)