Sunday, 7 April 2013

Trying to Stitch

Well I'm still trying to find the time to stitch but it's not going terribly well at the moment. Very busy with Normannis and Uni stuff at the moment. Suddenly have a whole bunch of deadlines to write for and loads of prep to do for our big show. Doesn't help not living on campus. I also went on a trip to Carreg Cennen Castle near Llandeilo. One of my assignments features Llandeilo so it wasn't all pleasure. Very pretty and nice views of the snow up in the hills.

Last week I was working on my Cancer Chesterton. Managed to get a fair amount of confetti done on the pearls and shells. At the weekend I did some more work on my Little Partners Reunion, this one still just looks like blobs of brown to me, hopefully sometime it will start to look like a horse!


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