Monday, 25 March 2013

It's my Blog And I'll Spam if I Want Too, Also Fighting

Yes, that's right a double post! One of the reasons for my lack of stitching is that my Medieval re-enactment group Historia Normannis is starting to gear up for our show season. As well as fighting I have been practicing new crafts such as hand spinning with a drop spindle and finger and lucet braiding. Finger braiding I think is a lot like making friendship bracelets while lucet braiding uses a lucet as seen in the picture.

Finger Braiding 
Our big task now is raising the funds to actually get there. We've even resorted to creating a Kickstarter Project to try to raise the funds. We have fun things like photos, calendars and even a shield to give to pledges so take a look. Think you know someone who would think this cool? Please share the page with them.
Lucet, spindle and hand spun wool 

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