Friday, 26 March 2010

Burning Black

This week I have mostly been stitching black - along with some dark browns. This is a DMC kit I started a couple of weeks ago and I've done 2 weeks work on him now. The kit is called Burning Beauty and has lots of light effects, satin and metallic threads. It should look really nice when done but think the special threads will prove difficult to work with.

I bought even more stash this week. Got 2 HAED charts from a closing down sale for £4.00 each and a load of 28 count fabric from ebay for £15. now that I have some more fabric I can start to think about starting the chart I won in the HAED bingo. I'm waiting for some more floss to arrive than I'll be kitting up my next 3 new starts.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Back to Vlad

Managed to out in some work on Vlad again this week for the HAED BB UFO/SWIP SAL. Think I only managed to put a few hundred stitches in but at least I have put some work in on him, don't think I've touched him at all this year. He should look like this when (or if) completed.
Managed to grab some bargain Q Snap type frame off ebay the other day, now I'm just hunting for a good table stand to rest them on as they are a bit big for me just to hold in my hand. Once I track a nice stand down I think I'll have to stop with the X-stitch buying for a while :p
I'm hoping the new frames will let me stitch a little faster though, as it seems to take me forever to get even a little bit done :s

Friday, 12 March 2010

It's Been a Little While

It's been a while but as I've not had access to a good camera I didn't really see the point in posting updates.

This is the progress I have made on Chesterton - it's about 2 weeks worth of work and lots of colours.

Also made a new start on a DMC kit called Burning Beauty - will post a pic of that when there is more to see than just large amounts of black.

Haven't been doing as much stitching as I would like these last few weeks, never seem to have the time. I dread getting another job because then I will never get time to stitch. Good thing West Wales seems to have a job shortage right now!