Friday, 19 February 2010

A Finish and a New Start

Well I finally finished my Cat in Window. I'll post a completed pic once out decent camera get repaired/replaced.
Yesterday I started on a new piece - Cancer Chesterton by HAED from the artwork of Lesley Anne Ivory.
The photo to the left if what I managed to yesterday afternoon/evening. It's really slow work as there is a lot of confetti in the first little bit. I have used 16 colours already and only done 200 stitches or less. This is what he should look like if I ever get him finished. I'm already looking forward to the second page - lots of DMC 939 so I can start to work through it quite quickly.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I Really Hate Backstitch!

This is my progress on my Cat from Dimensions. Finally completed all of the half cross stitch and done quite a bit of the back stitch on the top half.
It's very dull slow work, not helped by the fact Dimensions didn't provide enough of the Dark Pewter floss needed for most of the backstitching. Had to replace it with a DMC shade that almost matches. Luckily from a distance you can't tell, and I managed to do it so it doesn't chance from on to the other too much. Really want to be done with this one now. I keep getting distracted by getting little bits ready for my next project. Have the fabric cut and have masking taped the edges, just need to grid it up and I'll be ready to start.
Been buying even more stash this month too. 8 charts in the HAED sale, and several kits, mostly Ivory Cats kits from the US. Got Star Ocean: Last Hope for my PS3 the other day but I'm resisting playing it until the guide I bought turns up (also from the States, nearly impossible to get here now) between Star Ocean and Final Fantasy I doubt I'll get much stitching done over the next few months, so I should probably stop buying more!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Cat in Window Feb 8th

I have managed to do more than I thought I would on my Cat this week. Managed to get a large chunk of the half cross on the upper left done and I have made a start on the back stitch as well (you can just about see it in the picture).
I'm hoping to get the rest of the half cross done this week but I have my driving theory test on Weds, plus I'm still looking after 2 extra horses so that may not happen.
I didn't realise until I started it but this kit has sooo much backstitch. It took me two or three or possibly even Fnarg (read the last issue of DWM and you'll get what I mean ;) ) days to to just the little bit in the top left, think it will take me a couple of week to do the rest of it. And I really hate doing it already!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Cat in Window Feb 1st'10

I finally completed all the full X-stich on my cat! Only half X and the detail to go now. There are lots of large areas of one colour on the top part so I hope to see it growing quite quickly now. I just hope I get time to work on it this week. The guy that I work for has asked me to look after his horses and Cats for the next 10 days which will take alot out of my stitching time :( But I do get paid £10 per a day for doing it so I can spand that on more Stash.