Monday, 8 February 2010

Cat in Window Feb 8th

I have managed to do more than I thought I would on my Cat this week. Managed to get a large chunk of the half cross on the upper left done and I have made a start on the back stitch as well (you can just about see it in the picture).
I'm hoping to get the rest of the half cross done this week but I have my driving theory test on Weds, plus I'm still looking after 2 extra horses so that may not happen.
I didn't realise until I started it but this kit has sooo much backstitch. It took me two or three or possibly even Fnarg (read the last issue of DWM and you'll get what I mean ;) ) days to to just the little bit in the top left, think it will take me a couple of week to do the rest of it. And I really hate doing it already!

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