Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I Really Hate Backstitch!

This is my progress on my Cat from Dimensions. Finally completed all of the half cross stitch and done quite a bit of the back stitch on the top half.
It's very dull slow work, not helped by the fact Dimensions didn't provide enough of the Dark Pewter floss needed for most of the backstitching. Had to replace it with a DMC shade that almost matches. Luckily from a distance you can't tell, and I managed to do it so it doesn't chance from on to the other too much. Really want to be done with this one now. I keep getting distracted by getting little bits ready for my next project. Have the fabric cut and have masking taped the edges, just need to grid it up and I'll be ready to start.
Been buying even more stash this month too. 8 charts in the HAED sale, and several kits, mostly Ivory Cats kits from the US. Got Star Ocean: Last Hope for my PS3 the other day but I'm resisting playing it until the guide I bought turns up (also from the States, nearly impossible to get here now) between Star Ocean and Final Fantasy I doubt I'll get much stitching done over the next few months, so I should probably stop buying more!

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