Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bad Stitching Blogger

Ok so I've been really bad at both stitching and blogging about it for the last month or so. I blame re-playing Skyrim! That and various trips with Uni. I've been to Tenby, Aberystwyth (twice) Llandeilo and Strata Florida Abbey recently and they've all been very time consuming.

But I do have some pictures of stitching to share so here goes! The first is a page finish on my Mystic Stitch Cats, still lots of blue on this one and I think the blob in the corner is an ear.

Second is Eternal Promise, not much done on this one, the same with Blue Moon not a lot done here either. I have worked on some more but forgot to take photos before I put them away.  Hopefully I'll find some more time to stitch over the coming weeks  but I'm not holding my breath - Skyrim is just too addictive!


  1. Lovely projects you are working on!

  2. Your progress looks wonderful =)
    Sometimes I am really happy that I never got into playing any games ;-) I usually lose my mojo to play after two days ;-)