Rotation 2012

I thought it was about time to explain my complicated rotation system. I've been working on this system for about a year now and was using something similar for about a year before that. Think it's the first time I've successfully stuck to a rotation system for so long. I work my rotation over a month doing different projects each week/weekend. Weekday projects start on a Monday, weekend projects on a Saturday. It's all very complicated but I need to keep things mixed up to keep my interest on anything. If I stick to one or two projects I will lose all interest in stitching.

Weekdays week 1 - Eternal Promise 

  • Weekdays in the first week are dedicated to my focus HAED which this year is Eternal Promise
  • The first weekend is for the HAED BB SAL Blue Moon
  • Weekdays in the second week are for a HAED SWIP (Slow Work In Progress) that changes every month so I work work through all my SWIPs
  • Weekdays in week three are for my two Non-HAED SWIPs, they are swapped over each month
  • Weekdays in the fourth week are for my Non-HAED focus Enchanting Pegasus
Sion - A very slow SWIP
  • Weekends other than the first weekend in the month are for Non-HAED UFOs or very slow SWIPs. Again I work on a different one each week until they have all been worked on
  • If there is a fifth Monday in a month I will either work in a UFO or start my new planned HAED (Currently planned is Wolf Manor by JBG)
  • Edit 14 June. I have decided to change my rotation slightly and work on two Non HAED SWIPs the last weekend of the month in rotation in the hope of actually seeing a finish this year! Think I've done well going until June with only a minor change. 

Once I have one of my week two weekday projects I'll replace it with one of my weekend UFO projects. Once two of these UFOs have been completed/moved to weekdays I'll allow myself a new start. Hopefully this way I'll actually get some finishes rather than a pile of UFOs. Below is an example month of my rotation.

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