Monday, 22 April 2013

I Don't Even Remember...

I can't actually remember what I was stitching on last week without looking to find the photos of it. Turns out it was mu Pharaoh's Hound, I also worked on my Pegasus but have done managed so little it isn't worth taking a photo. Looking at the photo of Hound I have just realized I've missed a bit out of it too and managed less than I thought on that one too! I only have a couple more hectic weeks before I get to have a break for a week or so. The end of this semester really can't come soon enough so I can actually find time to stitch.

Monday, 15 April 2013

A Few Updates

I seem to have got a bit out of sync with my stitching updates over the past few weeks so here is everything that I have been working on in the last week and a bit. First up is Eternal Promise - managed just over 600 stitches on this in 5 days and now up to 6.5% complete.

Next up is Mystic Garden, my project from last weekend. not much to show on this one really, only 198 stitches in 2 days a bit disappointing. Brings me up to a total of 3.6% complete for this one.

Finally my project from last week and one I don't appear to have shared before - Rendezvous by Selina Fenech. The top of the first page was quite slow going on this one but it has sped up now that most of the tree has been done. Have just over half of the 1st page done now with over 900 stitches put in last week.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Trying to Stitch

Well I'm still trying to find the time to stitch but it's not going terribly well at the moment. Very busy with Normannis and Uni stuff at the moment. Suddenly have a whole bunch of deadlines to write for and loads of prep to do for our big show. Doesn't help not living on campus. I also went on a trip to Carreg Cennen Castle near Llandeilo. One of my assignments features Llandeilo so it wasn't all pleasure. Very pretty and nice views of the snow up in the hills.

Last week I was working on my Cancer Chesterton. Managed to get a fair amount of confetti done on the pearls and shells. At the weekend I did some more work on my Little Partners Reunion, this one still just looks like blobs of brown to me, hopefully sometime it will start to look like a horse!


Monday, 25 March 2013

It's my Blog And I'll Spam if I Want Too, Also Fighting

Yes, that's right a double post! One of the reasons for my lack of stitching is that my Medieval re-enactment group Historia Normannis is starting to gear up for our show season. As well as fighting I have been practicing new crafts such as hand spinning with a drop spindle and finger and lucet braiding. Finger braiding I think is a lot like making friendship bracelets while lucet braiding uses a lucet as seen in the picture.

Finger Braiding 
Our big task now is raising the funds to actually get there. We've even resorted to creating a Kickstarter Project to try to raise the funds. We have fun things like photos, calendars and even a shield to give to pledges so take a look. Think you know someone who would think this cool? Please share the page with them.
Lucet, spindle and hand spun wool 

Several Shades of Grey

A couple of updates this week, not got a lot done though as I've been busy doing other things.
First up is Summer Horse Sion, been working on the trees on this one. Lots of half stitches so when I did find time to work on it quite a lot of progress was made in a short time.

Second up is Little China, more greys and off whites on this one. Doesn't look like a lot of progress but I only really had a few hours on it.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Bad Stitching Blogger

Ok so I've been really bad at both stitching and blogging about it for the last month or so. I blame re-playing Skyrim! That and various trips with Uni. I've been to Tenby, Aberystwyth (twice) Llandeilo and Strata Florida Abbey recently and they've all been very time consuming.

But I do have some pictures of stitching to share so here goes! The first is a page finish on my Mystic Stitch Cats, still lots of blue on this one and I think the blob in the corner is an ear.

Second is Eternal Promise, not much done on this one, the same with Blue Moon not a lot done here either. I have worked on some more but forgot to take photos before I put them away.  Hopefully I'll find some more time to stitch over the coming weeks  but I'm not holding my breath - Skyrim is just too addictive!

Sunday, 10 February 2013


The last weeks worth of stitching has felt like really slow going. Lots of confetti and detail stitches, I haven't made a lot of progress on either of the pieces I have been working on. My weekday project was Cancer Chesterton. Only managed about 650 stitches in 5 days. Currently at 11.3% complete with lots more confetti to come the next few times I work on it. I'm back at Uni now and that coupled with work and training means I'm not likely to get much done on any stitching for the next few months. Charts like this are going to end up even more slow going than normal!

My weekend project was the 2013 HAED SAL QS Mystic Garden, did slightly better on that with 250 stitches in 2 days. I have managed to get up to 2.6% complete on this one. I'm really looking forward to working on something with some larger blocks of colour in them soon.