Monday, 9 July 2012

Another (Tiny) Finish!

Yes, I have managed another finish! I went to London in the middle of last week to see Marilyn Manson play at the Brixton Academy. When I go away I take little mini projects with me to stitch on the train or in my hotel in the evening. The project for this trip was a little Heritage kit of a bay horse ( I think it's just called Bay Horse or Bay Pony). I managed to get most of it done while I was away so just finished the last few stitches and the back stitch once I got home so I have another finish to add to the pile.

I also worked some more on my Eternal Promise, but there is not a lot to show on it due to my being in London. I managed to get 400 or so stitches in while I was at home which hardly looks like anything. Over the weekend I put some more work into my Blue Moon SAL piece. I've now done 12 days on it and have somewhere over 1600 stitches, I'm not sure exactly how many as I only count completed 10x10 blocks. It doesn't sound a lot but it's over 7% complete.  I think I only have 3 HAED WIPs that have a higher % complete. These small charts really do make you feel like you're making progress!

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  1. Oh I love your work on Eternal Promise and the other projects! =)