Monday, 23 July 2012

So Close

Getting very close to finishing all of the half cross stitch on my Sunlit Horses now. I've worked on this one twice since the last update but didn't get a lot done during the first week. I did manage to get a lot done last Monday when my Lord of the Rings game was down for maintenance. I think I'd get a lot more stitching done if I didn't have my game to distract me! Pleased to be nearly done with he stitching, less pleased with the prospect of all that back stitch...

I also manage to work some more on my Call of the Unicorn. Still enjoying this chart more than my Mystic Stitch as it has normal symbols. So far everything on this chart has been very pink and purple - very bright colours without the kind of shading you'd get from a HAED. I'm hoping the shading will get better as I get onto the center of the design.  

1 comment:

  1. Your WIP's are looking great, love Sunlight Horses! I despise backstitching too, I guess that is why I only buy HAED's now, lol!