Monday, 16 July 2012

Another HAED

Time to introduce another HAED that I have been working on - QS Lavender Venice Night by Ching-Chou Kuik. I Started this one a while ago. I think I had done 3 weeks of work on it before I came back to it last week. Managed to get a lot of this one done as it stitches up really easily. Love the colours used in it, so pretty! Have included a before and after picture for this just to see how much progress I have actually made. Think this is now about 9% complete.

For my weekend project I was back to working on my Mystic Stitch Cats, Artwork by Jeff Spackman. Finally reached the bottom of the page on this one. Still finding the chart just made up of letters quite hard going. You have to be so careful to keep looking at it closely to not miss a stitch, hopefully it will get better once I move off the dark blues that are just randomly jumbled together and on to the bits that actually look like something!


  1. Das wird super. Ich bin sehr gespannt.
    LG Grit

  2. What a beautiful project, violet is among my favorite colors so I adore these shades =)