Tuesday, 10 April 2012

More Progress Than Normal

This week I have been back working on Eternal Promise. I've had some more time to stitch in the past week because of the Easter holidays. Managed to get nearly 1000 stitches into Eternal Promise, although it doesn't really look all that impressive on the fabric. 1/8 of the page should look a lot more than it actually does. Still really enjoying this one at the moment but looking at the lower portion of the page not sure how long that will last. Looks like lots and lots of confetti to come.  I am looking forward to finishing the border and getting onto the picture proper though, even if the amount I can get done in a week takes a massive hit.

I have also been back working on the SAL SK Blue Moon. I have the top row of 10x10 blocks done now and managed to put in about 350 stitches over the weekend. Seemed really hard going for most of the weekend, lots of confetti and the headdress parts plus lots of mistakes on my part and lots of knotted thread on that need to be re-done. Luckily at the end on Sunday I finally got onto some of the bigger patches of colour which made a nice break from all of the frustration of the rest of the weekend.  I have made some changes from the charted colours. I've swapped the 032 sparkly for white and the winter white for snow white, just so I don't have a girl with sparkly skin (insert own Twilight joke here) and hopefully keep the shading.


  1. You've made great progress!!!!!

  2. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Your WIP's are looking great.

    Congrats on your recent Liebster Award!

  3. Hallo, was für tolle Stickereien. Ich bin begeistert. Toller Blog.