Monday, 16 April 2012

Insert Clever Title Here

My main project for last week has been the 2011 HAED BB SAL piece QS Little One Lost. This is the one I started for the SAL and never got much done on. Managed to get in about 950 stitches on him this week, would have liked that to have been more as there are lots of big blocks of colour on this one but I just didn't seem to have the time to stitch last week. I did manage to go out to a Shire Horse center and a castle as well as  going through a load of stuff stored in a stable where I managed to track down most of my camping equipment, some lost games and a live rat!

 My other project for the weekend has been a unicorn piece from a book called Fantasy Cross Stitch by Julie Hasler (it's the unicorn on the cover). This is yet another one that I felt compelled to restart for various reasons, having already completed a large portion of it previously. Managed about 600 stitches in this over two days although it really doesn't look like it. Mostly worked on the fore leg and part of the back. I'm hoping the next time I work on it I can get the back looking more horse like as the whole thing looks a bit abstract at the moment.

Sophie - Dyfed Shire Horse Farm
Cilgerran Castle


  1. Beauiful progress on the HAED BB SAL! I wish I would have gotten in on the one for 2011!
    Your Unicorn piece looks so pretty on that fabric!

  2. Love your haed, but I especially love your unicorn the white on the navy stands out perfectly and cat wait for updated pics on these

    Gems x

  3. Hi
    Just found your blog.

    Your WIPs are looking great!
    Lovely photos.