Monday, 2 April 2012

Fantasy Horses

Now after the excitement of my award back to cross stitch! This week is week number 3 working on Enchanting Pegasus. I don't feel like I've made much progress on Pegasus this week. Have done some more of the wing but not as much as I would have liked. Don't really have an excuse either. Uni assignments are in so that wasn't taking up my time. Maybe it's just been the nice weather outside distracting me! Think it will be a couple of months before I work on this one again, I was hoping to get all the full x done this year but it's starting to look unlikely now, although hopefuly the main body will stitch up faster as there a bigger blocks of colour.

My other project for this week has been a unicorn piece from Near North Treasures/Kustom Krafts called Call of the Unicorn. This is another one that I started a long time ago and had to re-start. When I started it first time round I started in the center. When I came to work on it again several years later I decided to work from the top left of page one. So I counted up and out from the middle and checked it several times. Happy that I was in the right place I started stitching. All was going well until I noticed that the tops of my new stitches were going in the opposite direction to the tops of my old stitches. So everything in the middle had to be frogged -  which took up about a day of stitching. Not much to actually see yet. I'm enjoying this one more than my Mystic Stitch from last week. The chart has proper symbols, although the colours do seem a bit odd - I think it could do with a few more to make the changes look more blended.

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  1. you will get a finished cross stitch this year, just be determined in yourself and you will get there - your progress is coming along well

    Gems x