Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Love Amongst Ruin

I'm currently taking part in an Easter challenge for a band that I street team for. Today's task is to write about the band so I will be sharing a little about them with you.

Love Amongst Ruin  is the 'new' band from Placebo's old drummer, Steve Hewitt. I became involved with them before I have even heard the first music by handing out flyers at shows. When I did hear the music it was not disappointing. I once heard them describe as 'like Placebo - only better' which I can only agree with! LAR are one of the bands that I follow I think I've seen them 10 times or more - even heading over to Belfast and Dublin. (76) I think my favorite show to date was the one at Leeds Cockpit, a really tiny venue but the show had a great atmosphere and really showcased what a good live band they are. I could write more but I suggest you check them out for yourself at

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