Monday, 20 February 2012

Feeling Feline

This week I have been working on some cat themed stitches. The first is a newish HAED start called Tickle my Tummy by Penny Golledge. This has been my second week working on it and I am at around about the 1% mark on it. I some how managed to get in just over 1000 stitches, I'm not sure how. It's stitched 1 over 1 on 28ct rater then my usual 2 over 1 25ct. the flash on my camera has made all the colours go funny as well as making the white show through even more obvious. It does look better in real life.

My second cat project has been a DMC UFO called Little China. I started it once years ago as my second ever cross stitch. When I came back to it last year I didn't like my old stitching so I restarted it, plus I now do all of the top of my Xs in the opposite direction now. Got very little done over the weekend despite not doing much else. My Saturday morning combat training got rained off so I should have had loads of time. I have now been working on the restart for about 4 weekends. Think I will need about twice that at the rate I'm working to get the same amount completed as I had managed on the original.

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