Monday, 27 February 2012


I have been working on two projects again in the last week. The first is Pharaoh's Hound, a chart from Couchman Creations and the second is a Dimensions kit called The Wave. I started Pharaoh's Hound a year or so ago having already completed the companion piece Pharaoh's Pet. Took me a while to track down the Hound chart as Couchman Creations appear to have been out off business for a while now. I had to get the chart sent to me from Germany after contacting shops in both Australia and the USA. Didn't get as much done on Hound as I would have liked - think it was about 800 stitches which is pretty poor considering it was all one shade of blue.

The Wave is another re-start. I ordered the original kit from a shop years ago. I started it, did a little before realizing I had the fabric the wrong way. I restarted it then and then forgot about it. When I came to work on it again a while later I found I had lost a whole load of floss. I tried to match the Dimensions floss to DMC or Anchor with no luck so once again I put the kit away. Eventually I tracked down a cheap new kit of it on ebay and have started it again from there. One thing I have noticed is that the colours of some floss from the original and the new kit are quite different, which makes me worry what happens if you run out of a colour and ask Dimensions for more. Only stitched on The Wave for a couple of hours and I can't really tell how much I've done, I just know it was mostly blue.

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