Sunday, 17 January 2010

Cat in Window and Cross Stitch Talk

This is my current cross stitch WIP - Cat in Window from the Dimensions Gold Collection.
He should look like this once completed.
The photo is from the 9th of Jan and I have done quite a bit more on him since then, I must try and take a more up to date picture soon.
I can't remember when I started work on him but it must be quite a while ago now. I know I was working on him before my Scandinavian trip in November and pretty sure I was working on him before my US trip at the end of Sept. I'm guessing I've put about 6 months into him.
This is the 1st cross stitch that I have not stopped working on to work on something new and I'm determined to get him done before I start on something else.
I've been cross stitching for about 10 years now and only have about 15 completed pieces to show for it. I really want to finish a couple more in the next year and I really need to stat work on some unfinished items.
I buy lots of cross stitch stuff off ebay, just bought 6 new kits today (although a couple of them are really small). I know I will never have the time to do them all but I just can't help myself.

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