Monday, 25 January 2010

Cat in Window 25th Jan

Well this is what I have managed to do in the past week. Nearly done with the bottom right corner now and will be really glad to see the back of that rug soon.
Just added a couple more Ivory Cats kits to my stash thanks to ebay - they look even more complicated than this one. Then there's Chesterton- the Ivory Cats chart form Heaven and Earth, that looks really complicated. I'm hoping to start that one once I'm done with this.

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  1. That pattern is a very nice one! I have never seen is before. Can't wait to see it done! Thanks for joining the Haed blog of mine! I am glad to be your first follower i'm sure you will get more once I add the link on the blog and to my onloy stitching blogs blog!
    Happy Stitching