Monday, 26 November 2012

Summer Horse

So this week I have been working on my Summer Horse from Permin AKA Sion, got lots more green done in the 5 days I worked on it. Think I have actually worked on it twice since the last photo I took so it looks like I've done even more in the last week than I really have. Nice to do some half crosses as they stitch up really fast compared to everything else. The only downside is that on such a low count fabric it has really poor coverage, not sure what the kit makers were thinking there! Looks even worse in the photo than in real life.

For my weekend project I worked on Little China. The little face on the little kitten is now showing signs of having ears. Might get the whole of his head done soon. Then all I need to do is to stitch the rest of the body before I can move onto the nice bright colours. I figure If I do it that way if I never get round to the background at least I have the kitty fully stitched and that could be finished on its own.


  1. The horse and the little cat are so beautiful.

    Have a nice day, Manuela.

  2. Your stitching are so lovely.
    Liebe Grüße Grit