Monday, 20 August 2012

Kitty has a Face!

This past weekend I have been back working on my Monty cat kit. Kitty now has a face! And a body! lots of white on white for part of his chest so for most of Saturday felt like I was making no progress at all whenever I looked at it. Only after adding the other colours on the chest did it start to look and feel complete. Just need to do the flowers/greenery/butterfly and that dreaded back stitch before I'm done and can start the next in the series.

Earlier in the week I worked on a HAED I started a while back. It's half of a chart called L'Amethyste and Motley. I plan on stitching this design as two pieces rather than one. At the moment I'm working on the Motley half of the chart. I have include a before picture as well as a picture of where I am now. A lot of the background has a mosaic tile effect. Makes for very hard work as there is lots of confetti, the colours are just scattered everywhere. Looks really good stitched up though. 

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