Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sunlit Horses Finished

I have another finish this year. Go Me! Managed to get my Dimensions Gold Petite kit Sunlit Horses finished, evil back stitch, french knots and all. The back stitch took me a lot less time than I thought it would. Wish I could remember when I started it. Possibly March 2011, but that is as far back as my stitching calendar on my PC goes so might have been started before then. Would estimate it was 10 or 11 weeks work to complete. This finish means I get to reward myself with another new start. Horses again this time will reveal all in a future update.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Eternal Promise and More

It's a bumper crop of updates this week. First up is my Eternal Promise HAED, which has now been re-released as an even bigger chart. Quite upset about that  - If I had known they would eventually release it again wouldn't have paid out for the expensive original! Although on the plus side the old one is considerably smaller meaning I might actually finish it at some point. More work on the trees and I see lots more trees in my future for this one. It looks really pretty now but just appears to be a crazy mishmash of colours when stitching. As it's been a couple of weeks since my last update I have managed to work on another HAED. I have been working on Severeielle for about 3 weeks out of the past 18 months or so. She's big, 63 chart pages. Not sure about the  colours in it yet, they just don't look right all pinky colours where it looks like it should be greys but I'm hoping they will blend more as I stitch more. 

I also have two weekend projects to update, Little China and The Wave. Little China - the kitten's face is beginning to take shape now, might get some eyes soon. Just looks a little spooky at the moment. The Wave - it's been a wile since I updated this one, I've worked on it twice but still doesn't look to be much progress, mostly just more blue. Hope to get the main part of the left side done soon, then I'll be about 1/6 done on it. Yay! Double yay because I've managed to juggle this update and the farrier(who arrived halfway through writing), should really go out and see how he's doing... 

TUSAL September

Right then first post for today is my TUSAL update. Think this was supposed to go up yesterday but not added anything else to the jar since then so makes no difference! Some how it looks like I have less again than last month, even though nothing has been emptied out! Obviously I don't waste enough floss! Hopefully I'll find the time to get my stitching update posed as well, sometime between dealing with the farrier and cooking dinner - and I thought only working 8 hours per a week meant I should have loads of spare time. So much for my last week of freedom before Uni starts again!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Body! And Legs!

Two projects this week, both of which I did not update after the last time I worked on them so this is two months progress not one. I should do this more often as it makes it look like I've done loads! First up is Enchanting Pegasus. Not only have I now managed to start and complete the main body but the legs as well. Even made a small start on the background. Most of what is left to do on this now is all half cross stitch so might come along a bit quicker now.

Second project of the week is SK Blue Moon, the HAED SAL piece. Another row completed this week. Odd mix of larger blocks of colour (on the right in the moon) and insane amounts of confetti (on the far left, by her arm). Not sure I could stand to work on the detail of this one for more than a couple of days, driving me a bit crazy!