Monday, 17 September 2012

Eternal Promise and More

It's a bumper crop of updates this week. First up is my Eternal Promise HAED, which has now been re-released as an even bigger chart. Quite upset about that  - If I had known they would eventually release it again wouldn't have paid out for the expensive original! Although on the plus side the old one is considerably smaller meaning I might actually finish it at some point. More work on the trees and I see lots more trees in my future for this one. It looks really pretty now but just appears to be a crazy mishmash of colours when stitching. As it's been a couple of weeks since my last update I have managed to work on another HAED. I have been working on Severeielle for about 3 weeks out of the past 18 months or so. She's big, 63 chart pages. Not sure about the  colours in it yet, they just don't look right all pinky colours where it looks like it should be greys but I'm hoping they will blend more as I stitch more. 

I also have two weekend projects to update, Little China and The Wave. Little China - the kitten's face is beginning to take shape now, might get some eyes soon. Just looks a little spooky at the moment. The Wave - it's been a wile since I updated this one, I've worked on it twice but still doesn't look to be much progress, mostly just more blue. Hope to get the main part of the left side done soon, then I'll be about 1/6 done on it. Yay! Double yay because I've managed to juggle this update and the farrier(who arrived halfway through writing), should really go out and see how he's doing... 


  1. Little China looks a bit scary to me with the white eyes, but I'm sure the kitty just wants to play ;-) ;-) ;-)

    I love your work on Eternal Promise, I got the new chart when it was released. I wanted this chart for so long, I was ready to pay a lot of money but the old chart was not so easy to get ;-) And now I am happy that it has been rereleased. But the size scares me ;-)

  2. Beautiful progress! I love Eternal Promise...sorry to hear you were upset with the re-release :( are you at a spot where you'd be ok with stopping and starting over? either way, your progress is lovely!