Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Body! And Legs!

Two projects this week, both of which I did not update after the last time I worked on them so this is two months progress not one. I should do this more often as it makes it look like I've done loads! First up is Enchanting Pegasus. Not only have I now managed to start and complete the main body but the legs as well. Even made a small start on the background. Most of what is left to do on this now is all half cross stitch so might come along a bit quicker now.

Second project of the week is SK Blue Moon, the HAED SAL piece. Another row completed this week. Odd mix of larger blocks of colour (on the right in the moon) and insane amounts of confetti (on the far left, by her arm). Not sure I could stand to work on the detail of this one for more than a couple of days, driving me a bit crazy!


  1. They are both looking lovely, the confetti will be worth it in the end :)

  2. They are both very lovely =)
    Great work =)

  3. I love both of them and hope that blue moon gets a bit easier for you.