Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year Green

So I've been stitching lots of green for the last week. Mt last project of 2012 was the HAED SWIP Tickle my Tummy. Managed over 1000 stitches in 5 days bringing me up to about 2% complete. This one is working up quite fast as there are lots of blacks of 939 on the first page, just a shame I'm not a fan of the 939 shade.

My weekend project has been the 2013 SAL QS Mystic Garden. On this I have managed about 500 stitches. But as I only count my completion by 10x10 blocks I'm still only at 0.5% complete on this one.


  1. Great progresses! And my oh my that's a lot of green, lol :)

  2. They're both looking lovely. I don't think I know Tickle my Tummy, I'll have to look that one up!