Sunday, 3 February 2013

Kitty Ears

In the last week I have finished one set of kitty ears and started on the second ear of another cat.

Last weekend I was working on Little China and finally got the head/face area finished and did some more work on the chest area. Lots of confetti greys to do on this one now before I get to the nice bright colours of the background.

My weekday project was one of this years Focus HAED pieces I'm working on Vampire Cat Vlad. Most of the sky on this page is done now and I have made a start on the wing area and his right ear. I managed just under 1000 stitches in 5 days bringing me up to 20.4% complete.


  1. Beautiful progress on both projects!

  2. Your cat looks so cute.
    Greetings from GErmany, Grit

  3. Fantastic progress on both projects =) The kitty is to cute =)

  4. Wonderful progress.
    The cat is so cute.

    Greetings, Manuela